Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is basically known as Pay per click in which merchant or advertiser promotes his website or products by displaying ads on other’s websites having related content of target keywords. For this advertiser pay some amount to the owner of the website based on the number of clicks take place on his ads. Advertisers also bid for certain search keywords with search engines to let their website appear among top search engine page results. In this case the website may appear adjacent, top or bottom of organic search results. This technique is also called sponsored links or sponsored ads.

In PPC the key factor is the target traffic i.e. what kind of visitors the advertiser is looking for. Advertiser also takes care about what time, day and location his ads should be showed. This is done by proper planning and analysis that when and which location his ads will earn maximum profits.

The other forms of PPC are cost per order or cost per sale and cost per impression. In cost per sale, the partner site earns percentage of amount for every sale he accomplishes by publishing ads on his website In case of cost per impression payment is charged by just showing the banner ad and there would be no link to the advertiser’s website.

The advantage of cost per click over cost per impression is that we can measure and calculate the effectiveness of our ads through number of clicks on them whereas in cost per impression there would be no click so we cannot analyze how much we are gaining from that method. Placement of ad on the website is also a big factor for PPC that on which location the ad is visible on the website page. We are the best PPC Company in Delhi hire us for get best result in Search Engine