Finding A Reliable Website Development Company in Delhi/NCR

Finding A Reliable Website Development Company in Delhi/NCR

Your website represents and defines your business and your company’s products and services to the world. It should explain about your products and services so that the visitor can understand about what your company is all about. Hire a affordable and reliable website development company in Delhi

a) Static Website Development
we develop static websites to define your company, products, services, company’s staffs and company’s address and contact details within 5 pages. These five pages can be navigated through menus on the top and bottom of the website.

Menu includes home pages which can contain a moving slider to represent your business in a graphical way. It will also include brief information about all the other pages such as what services and products your company provides. There would also be an About Us page which will explain company’s history, achievements, future targets, clients, etc

Then, there is a Our services page which explains about company’s products and services in a detailed way so that any visitor who visits your website can easily understand and know about your company.

Then, there would be a staff member’s page which will list staff’s information such as designation, email id, contact number, image and brief data about him.

At last, there would be a contact us page which includes location of company on Google map, addresses, contact details and a contact form to allow visitors to submit any query

Above pages can be changed according to client’s requirements. These are just a common scenario of what a website can include
b) Dynamic Website Development: Dynamic Websites contain similar pages as of static website but with the difference that the content can be managed from admin panel i.e. content of home page, about us page, our services staff page and menus can be managed from admin panel. This simply means we can create any number of pages and menus on your own which is not available in static. We can add images, any text content to the page without requiring any developer’s help. This is the advantage of dynamic website.

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